Chang Song

Senior Data Analyst & Chinese Research Specialist

As Insights West’s Senior Data Analyst, Chang is responsible for all aspects of research data, including quality control and analysis using statistical and visualization tools. She’s highly adept at analyzing complex survey data that includes multiple subgroups, various methodologies and detailed weighting schemes.

Prior to joining Insights West in 2014, she worked as a Program Analyst at SFU Public Square and with organizations in the US and China, including Walt Disney World in Florida.

Chang is highly motivated with strong marketing research expertise and cultural insights. Fluent in Chinese and English, she also holds the role of Chinese Research Specialist and serves as a key team member on all projects involving Chinese research participants. With prior experience translating for a multinational corporation and an intensive course in moderating under her belt, Chang also moderates Chinese-language focus groups and depth interviews and is capable of translating discussions, interviews and documents.

Chang holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and International Marketing from Dalian University of Foreign Languages in China and a Master of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University. Originally from China, she moved to Canada in 2012, falling in love with the country. She enjoys learning and exploring new places and things, reading, travelling and sports.

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