British Columbians Support Implementing an Absentee Homeowner Tax

Almost three-in-four residents think it would be a “good idea”, as majority chides “speculators” who are not part of the community. Vancouver, BC – British Columbians are decidedly in favour of implementing a tax on absentee homeowners, a new Insights West poll has found. In the online survey of a representative provincial sample, 73% of… Read more »

Four-in-Five British Columbians Back Absentee Homeowner Tax

Three-in-four residents are dissatisfied with the actions taken by the provincial government to deal with housing issues in the province. Vancouver, BC – The proportion of British Columbians who would like to implement a tax on absentee homeowners has increased over the past year, a new Insights West poll has found. In the online survey… Read more »

British Columbians Skeptical of Real Estate Foreign Buyer Tax

Two thirds of residents think the new tax will not make it easier for British Columbians to own a home. Vancouver, BC – While most British Columbians support the recently implemented 15-per-cent foreign buyer tax, its actual effect in leading to affordability in the domestic housing market is questioned by a large proportion of residents,… Read more »