Your Insights on Cross-Border Flights

Half (51%) of Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley air travellers have driven to the US to take a flight in the past 2 years, and this trend is apparently increasing (23% go more often now than 3 years ago whereas only 6% go less often). Better fares (97%) provide the primary motivation to make the… Read more »

Your Insights on Casinos

The topic of casinos in Metro Vancouver/ Fraser Valley generates polarized views: Residents in municipalities with existing casinos support them (55% in favour, 32% opposed), while those without them are divided (42% support, 45% opposed) Vancouver, BC – A recent Insights West online poll of 1,077 Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley adults found that a… Read more »

Your Insights on the Trans Mountain Pipeline

While awareness of the Northern Gateway Pipeline project is almost universal (96% in BC; 87% in AB), only 60% of British Columbians and 28% of Alberta adults are aware of the Trans Mountain Pipeline project. Vancouver, BC / Calgary, AB  – A recent Insights West online poll surveyed 512 British Columbians and 562 Albertans and found… Read more »

British Columbians Spend Nearly as much Time Using Smartphones as Watching Their TV Screens

Our tracking measures a 14% increase in smartphone hours of usage per week. Top pet peeves of Smartphone usage include people texting and driving, using devices in movie theatres, talking loud in public places and restaurant usage. Vancouver, BC – British Columbians are relying more than ever on smartphones, smartphone activities, and apps, according to… Read more »

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Fifty-five per cent of employees in BC would seriously consider leaving their job if a better one came along, according to BC HRMA and Insights West. Vancouver, BC — More than half (55%) of all BC employees are susceptible to leaving their current jobs – and pay is not necessarily at the heart of the… Read more »

British Columbians Were “Nice” in 2013, Politicians Seen As “Naughty.”

Most British Columbians dislike shopping in crowded malls to buy gifts—other holiday worries are the credit card balance and gaining weight. Vancouver, BC – Residents of British Columbia suggest Santa Claus will be good for them and their families this year, a new Insights West survey has found. In the online survey of a representative… Read more »

A Shocking Number of Small Business Owners in BC Do Not Have a Business Plan

  Vancouver, BC – In conjunction with the start of Small Business Month, results of a recent poll conducted among 459 small business owners in British Columbia by Insights West and Small Business BC, reveal a stunning fact that more than half of small business owners (52%) began operations without a business plan. Nearly one-quarter… Read more »

Two Thirds of British Columbians Have Dealt with a “Terrible Boss”

Most current bosses or managers are rated favourably, but many residents recall facing stubbornness, arrogance and even sexual harassment at the workplace. Vancouver, BC – The second annual “Dream Employer” poll, conducted by Insights West in partnership with Miles Employment Group and the Vancouver Board of Trade, uncovers a large proportion of disagreeable experiences from… Read more »

Celebrity Power Can Move Weight Loss Products, Sporting Goods in BC

Young British Columbians are more likely to try beauty products advertised by a celebrity they know and trust. Vancouver, BC – Celebrity endorsements are influential to a minority of British Columbians, with the province’s residents appearing more susceptible to trying weight-loss products and sporting goods, finds a new Insights West poll conducted in partnership with… Read more »

Insights West Launches Western Canada’s largest Multicultural Panel

First poll launched shows comparisons of life in Canada to home country Insights West is pleased to announce the launch of Your Insights Multicultural Panel—a market research online community of 2,100+ British Columbians of Chinese and South Asian ethnic heritage. This groundbreaking panel is now available to assess the opinions of this diverse and growing… Read more »