Support for No Surges in Metro Vancouver Transit Plebiscite

Drivers, middle-income earners and residents who live south of the Fraser River are the least likely to vote Yes. Vancouver, BC – A majority of Metro Vancouver residents are currently planning to vote No in the upcoming Transportation and Transit Plebiscite, a new Insights West poll has found. The online survey of a representative sample… Read more »

Half of Metro Vancouverites Support Proposed Massey Bridge

Seven-in-ten residents are opposed to increasing property taxes to help fund transit projects. Vancouver, BC – The proposal to replace the existing George Massey Tunnel with a new tolled bridge along the Highway 99 corridor is currently endorsed by half of Metro Vancouver residents, a new Insights West poll has found. In the online survey… Read more »

Most Commutes Are Pleasant, But Some British Columbians Struggle

Commuters who drive despise bad behaviour and traffic, while transit users are dissatisfied with overcrowding and wait times. Vancouver, BC – While most British Columbians who commute on weekdays are satisfied with their experience, three-in-four would like to work from home more often, a new Insights West poll conducted for BC Business has found. In… Read more »