Your Insights on Smartphones: Many British Columbians Are Addicted

 Nearly two-thirds (64%) of British Columbian adults now own a smartphone and are using their device an average of nearly two hours every day on a wide variety of activities. 18% of owners consider themselves addicted to their device. Vancouver, BC – Together with iamota (a mobile agency), Insights West recently completed its Smartphone… Read more »

Your Insights on Separated Bike Lanes in Vancouver

Three-in-five Metro Vancouver residents support the bike lane initiative, and seven-in-ten would endorse the implementation of a bicycle sharing system, similar to the ones currently in place in London, Paris and Montreal. Vancouver, BC – Almost three years have passed since the City of Vancouver introduced separated bike lanes in certain areas of the municipality,… Read more »

Residents in Alberta and British Columbia Diametrically Opposed on Fracking

People in the two Western provinces are familiar with the concept of hydraulic fracturing, but while practically half of Albertans support the method of gas extraction in their province, only a third of British Columbians concur. Vancouver, BC – The views of British Columbians and Albertans on the topic of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, are… Read more »

Your Insights on the Upcoming BC Election

New Democrats (33%) hold a solid lead over the BC Liberals (21%) in this recent poll, but undecided (20%) voters lean towards Liberals (25%) rather than the NDP (20%), suggesting that the gap could narrow before election day. The ethnic vote scandal was particularly damaging for the Liberals, with 47% feeling Christy Clark handled it… Read more »

British Columbians Decry Government Stance on Teachers, Agriculture

Victoria gets its best ratings on handling crime and public safety, economy and jobs, and energy. Vancouver, BC – On the first anniversary of the BC Liberal victory in the last provincial election, British Columbians are taking a more critical view of some of their government’s recent actions, according to the new Insights West “BC… Read more »

Your Insights on the End of the HST

British Columbians are still divided over the HST (52% support it being extinguished; 37% oppose) and there is a lack of optimism as to the impact scrapping the tax will have on the BC economy (28% anticipate a benefit versus 39% a negative impact) and on personal finances (38% anticipate a benefit, 15% a negative… Read more »

MEC’s new branding geared to inspiring outdoor activity in city or backcountry

New research reveals regional differences in activity participation levels Vancouver, BC – MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) today unveiled its new brand platform, as the national retailer intensifies its efforts to inspire and enable Canadians to live active outdoor lifestyles. New research validates that Canadians participate in a wide range of activities, and what they do… Read more »

Your Insights on April Fools’ Day in BC and Popular Conspiracy Theories

British Columbians widely participate in April Fools’ Day, with 71% having been fooled in the past and 56% having fooled someone else. We also found a surprising one-in-five or more BC adults believe in seven of eleven famous conspiracy theories! Vancouver, BC – A recent Insights West online poll surveying 867 British Columbians found that… Read more »

Your Insights on April Fools’ Day in Alberta and Popular Conspiracy Theories

April Fools’ Day is a popular holiday in Alberta, with 75% having been fooled in the past and 58% having fooled someone else. We also found more than one-quarter of AB adults believe in five of eleven famous conspiracy theories! Calgary, AB – A recent Insights West online poll surveying 667 Albertans found there are… Read more »

Your Insights on Technology and Back to Routine/ School in Alberta

Two-in-five (41%) Albertans and half (50%) of parents of school-age children are likely to buy at least one technology product during this “back to routine” time of year. While a touchscreen monitor is the top gadget on Albertans’ wish list, the laptop dominates as the item people are most likely to acquire. Calgary, AB –… Read more »