Change, Leader Appeal Propelled Liberals in British Columbia

Exit poll shows that “strategic voting” was more successful in Vancouver Island than in other areas of the province. Vancouver, BC – Canada’s federal Liberal Party finished ahead of all rivals in British Columbia for the first time in this century after leader Justin Trudeau successfully connected with voters, a new Insights West “exit poll”… Read more »

Federal Conservatives Drop, NDP and Liberals Gain in British Columbia

Residents give the federal government low ratings on the environment, accountability and poverty. Vancouver, BC – The Conservative Party has lost support since the last federal election in British Columbia, while two opposition parties have improved, a new Insights West poll has found. The online survey of a representative provincial sample shows that, if a… Read more »

Conservatism Alive, Harperism Not So Much in Alberta

Exit poll reveals that more than a third of Conservative voters thought it was time to replace Stephen Harper. Calgary, AB – While most voters in Alberta supported the Conservative Party in the Canadian federal election, a sizeable proportion of the base already contemplated a future without Stephen Harper at the helm, a new Insights… Read more »

Trudeau Makes Liberals Competitive in British Columbia

New Democrats lose support as Justin Trudeau emerges as the top choice for Prime Minister. Vancouver, BC – The Liberal Party has dramatically increased its standing in British Columbia as the Canadian federal election looms, a new Insights West poll has found. The online survey of a representative provincial sample shows that 35% of decided… Read more »

Conservatives Hold on to Sizeable Lead in Alberta

The New Democrats dropped four points since August, while the Liberals gained six points. Calgary, AB – The governing Conservative Party is still ahead of all rivals a month before Albertans take part in the Canadian federal election, a new Insights West poll has found. The online survey of a representative provincial sample shows that,… Read more »

Most Albertans Ready to Vote Conservative in Federal Election

Liberal momentum pushes New Democrats to third place, but Stephen Harper is still seen as the best option for the top political job. Calgary, AB – The Conservative Party remains the most popular option as Albertans prepare to cast their ballots in the Canadian federal election, a new Insights West poll has found. The online… Read more »

Tight Election Races Threaten Conservative Incumbents in BC

Vancouver, BC – Riding-level polling conducted by Insights West on behalf of citizen group Dogwood Initiative shows the federal Conservative Party at risk of losing three key Vancouver-area MPs in the upcoming election. A newly created riding in the Interior, South Okanagan—West Kootenay, currently appears out of reach for the Conservatives despite a strong showing… Read more »

Smaller Lead for NDP as Tories Gain Ground in British Columbia

Thomas Mulcair has the highest approval rating of all leaders, but is no longer regarded as the best economic manager. Vancouver, BC – With less than a month to go before Canadians cast their ballots in the federal election, the New Democratic Party (NDP) is holding on to first place in British Columbia, a new… Read more »

Conservatives Edge Upward in BC Ridings as Local Races Tighten

The New Democrats are ahead in four ridings, while the Liberals are now leading in three. Burnaby, BC – The latest round of riding level polling conducted by Insights West for Dogwood Initiative shows the New Democratic Party (NDP) and the Liberal Party as preferred choices in the Canadian federal election, with the Conservative Party… Read more »

Canadians Divided on Changing the Federal Electoral System

A plurality supports a move to Party-List Proportional Representation, while the Single Transferable Vote system evenly splits the population. Vancouver, BC – As the federal electoral campaign continues, Canadians hold differing views on whether to change the way the members of the House of Commons are elected, a new Insights West Canada-wide poll has found…. Read more »