Your brand’s reputation is highly dynamic, influenced by a wide variety of interactions, experiences and feelings. While you can impact how people feel and think about your brand through corporate initiatives and marketing efforts, brand reputation is also affected by the broader context – including what your competitors are up to.

Now more than ever it is critical to measure your brand reputation through a key feedback and evaluation mechanism. Brand Reputation Insights is the ideal research tool to meet this challenge.



  • Awareness.
  • Familiarity.
  • Overall brand reputation.
  • Perceptions on 10 core dimensions that drive brand reputation.


Methodology Options

  • Inclusion in our ongoing normative database updates.
  • Omnibus Insights buy.
  • Part of another custom research study we conduct for you.
  • A custom Brand Reputation Insights study.



  • Detailed, Excel-based tabulations.
  • Access to overall and industry-specific norms from a database of 500+ brands.
  • Comparisons to competitive, comparative, aspired-to and top performing brands.
  • Report with graphics and interpretative analysis.


For more information or a quote, contact:

Catherine Dawson
T: 604.620.7101