Climate Change is a “hot” topic today, and Insights West has recently investigated Canadians’ opinions on the subject. Our 2019 Climate Change Insights Report provides various compelling insights into Canadian views on Climate Change.

This study surveyed over 1,300 Canadians to uncover sentiment around:

  • Beliefs and familiarity with climate change
  • Perceived causes of climate change
  • Future confidence in solutions and perceived urgency in implementing those solutions
  • Future confidence in governments in addressing climate change
  • Perceived performance of various groups in combatting climate change
  • Personal actions taken now and planned for the future to address climate change
  • Attitudes that support and raise doubt about climate change

Discover what Canadians think about climate change, what they plan to do about it, and more. To see our Press Release on this study, click here. To download the free 2019 Climate Change Insights Report, click here.

For further information on the findings contained in the report, please contact:

Catherine Dawson
Senior Vice-President & Chief Methodologist, Insights West