Insights West has partnered with Ayima, an award-wining digital marketing agency, to assess the state of e-commerce in Canada in 2018 and highlight key trends that can help savvy marketers and retailers improve online sales. Download the 2018 Canadian E-commerce Monitor.

This study surveyed over 1,000 Canadians to uncover trends in:

  • Online browsing and buying
  • Motivators and barriers to online purchasing
  • Device use for browsing and buying
  • Barriers to mobile purchases
  • Abandoned shopping cart behaviours
  • Various other e-commerce related behaviours and attitudes

Discover what influences Canadian online shoppers, how they shop, and more. To see our press release on this study, click here. For further information on the findings contained in the report, please contact:

Catherine Dawson
Senior VP & Chief Methodologist, Insights West