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Despite speculation of Facebook’s demise, the social media website still has mass appeal. Three-quarters (75%) of Albertan adults use Facebook, with more than half (56%) visiting the site at least once per week and 39% using it every day.

Calgary, Alberta – A recent Insights West and 6S Marketing online poll surveyed 831 Albertan adults regarding their social media use and found that Facebook still dominates the social media landscape, with other sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest becoming increasingly popular – particularly among the younger generation.

While nearly all Albertans have heard of Facebook (97%) and Twitter (90%), smaller majorities have heard of LinkedIn (61%), and Pinterest (54%). Albertans report lower awareness of Instagram (45%) and Tumblr (28%) and only 3% have heard of Snapchat. Although both genders are equally aware of Facebook and Twitter, there is a strong gender divide when it comes to awareness of other sites. Women are significantly more likely to have heard of Pinterest (64%, compared to 41% among men) and Instagram (49%, compared to 39% among men). Men, on the other hand, indicate significantly higher awareness of LinkedIn (67%, compared to 56% of women) and Tumblr (35%, compared to 22% of women).

When it comes to usage, Facebook leads the pack. Three-quarters (75%) of Alberta residents have used Facebook, with 56% visiting Facebook on at least a weekly basis and 39% using it daily. Usage of other social media sites is less prevalent: LinkedIn (29% ever used, 9% at least weekly, 1% daily), Twitter (26% ever used, 11% at least weekly, 6% daily) and Pinterest (23% ever used, 7% at least weekly, 3% daily).

Consistent with high usage of Facebook, more than three-in-five (63%) disagree that “Facebook is for older people now, not for young people who are up with the latest” and more than half (53%) disagree that “Facebook is not cool anymore.”

“Facebook continues to be the most popular social networking website used by Albertans. Although there have been suggestions that use of Facebook is declining, it’s still holding strong among Alberta adults,” says Jane Ha-Trapp, Vice President of Insights West. “It will be important to continue to monitor usage of other social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, which are becoming increasingly popular.”

Despite recent reports suggesting that use of Facebook has peaked, or is in decline, these results suggest otherwise. While the majority spend the same amount of time using Facebook as they did six months ago (60%), a larger number are spending more time (24%) compared to those now spending less time (15%). Even among the younger generation (18-29 years of age), twice as many are using Facebook more (31%) compared to six months ago than are using Facebook less (14%).

In fact, Facebook is the only social media platform where Albertans are reporting positive momentum. More people report spending less time (20%) on Twitter in the past six months than those who report more time (7%). The same applies for Snapchat (18% less versus 0% more), Tumbler (18% less versus 1% more), Instagram (18% less versus 3% more), LinkedIn (19% less versus 6% more), and Pinterest (19% less versus 7% more).

With the exception of LinkedIn, use of social networking sites is higher among younger Albertans. While Facebook is still the most popular social networking site among those aged 18 to 29 (78% at least weekly, 64% daily), this younger age group is also using other social networking sites. Just under half have used Pinterest (48%) and Twitter (47%) and roughly one-in-five use these sites weekly (17% Pinterest and 20% Twitter). Three-in-ten (30%) Albertans aged 18 to 29 have used Instagram and 17% use it at least weekly, while 14% have used Tumblr, with 8% using it at least weekly.

Despite younger Albertans’ use of other social networking sites, they still haven’t given up on Facebook. The majority (65%) of those aged 18 to 39 agree that “Facebook is the best way to communicate online” (compared to 46% 40 and older). The impact of social networking on social relationships is also the strongest among those aged 18 to 39. This group is almost twice as likely to agree that “they wouldn’t keep up with many of their acquaintances if it wasn’t for social networking sites” (70%, compared to 37% 40 and older) and that “they would feel out of touch if they didn’t use social networking sites or apps regularly” (57%, compared to 29% 40 and older).

“Facebook has become a communication staple,” Chris Breikss, President and Co-Founder of 6S Marketing, explains. “The likelihood of Facebook usage declining becomes slim when we see how frequently people of all age groups use it to keep up with friends, family, favourite brands and events. Businesses also effectively utilize it for real-time interaction with clients and their community. When it comes to immediate connection, Facebook’s become more efficient than the telephone.”












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Results are based on an online study conducted from March 2nd – 13th, 2013, among 831 residents of Alberta aged 18+ who are Your Insights panel members. is Insights West’s in-house access panel offering on-demand samples for both clients and research suppliers looking for Western Canadian populations. The data has been statistically weighted according to Canadian census figures for Alberta for age and gender. While statistical margins of error are arguably not applicable to online panels/online studies of this nature, we have assumed that the same margins of error apply as if it were a true unweighted random probability sample with a margin of error of +/- 3.4 percentage points, nineteen times out of twenty. To view the detailed data tabulations, click here.

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