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10% have witnessed poor behaviours at a place of business asking for the card and 60% would take action if businesses don’t ask for it when they should

Vancouver, BC — Two weeks after the implementation of proof of vaccine cards in British Columbia, our latest poll shows that support for this initiative has remained steady and over half have already used it at least once. One-third of residents who have been at a relevant establishment have not been asked when they should have.

Overall support/opposition to the vaccine card has not changed since the concept was first introduced and our last poll on the topic in mid-August. The vast majority (77%) of BC residents support proof of the BC Vaccine Card system to participate in various activities, with 59% who ‘strongly support’ the idea and 17% who ‘somewhat support’ the idea. Like the August result, only about one-in-five BC residents (20%) are opposed to this requirement.

In the two short weeks since the introduction of the vaccine cards, over half (58%) of residents have had the opportunity to use the card. The 18-34 year-old group (69% vs. 54% of those who are older), males (61% vs. 54% of females), and those with higher incomes (66% vs. 50% of those with lower incomes) are more likely to have visited a business or establishment where the card should have been asked for.

What is quite surprising is the high percentage (33%) of residents who have been in an establishment that should have asked for the proof of vaccinations but have failed to do so. Of that group, about half have experienced this multiple times.

Businesses that don’t comply with the requirement to ask for vaccine cards are likely to suffer significant negative consequences in response to their non-compliance. Almost two-in-three BC residents (60%) would act on the matter, and the most common actions include 29% who will not go to that place of business again, 24% who would question or confront the business owner or manager about it, and 22% who would tell their family/friends about it. A further 16% would give the business another chance in the future, 13% would report them to the authorities, and 6% would call them out on social media. Only 32% say they would do nothing.

Although we are only two weeks into the new requirements, already 10% of BC residents have witnessed negative behaviours at a place of business during the vaccine card checking process (refusing to show their BC Vaccine Card or being rude or difficult to employees about the requirement).

One of the positive impacts of the implementation of the vaccine card is that it has resulted in many people feeling more confident about returning to pre-pandemic behaviours. Nearly half (48%) of BC residents say they are more comfortable now in going to a restaurant or bar, 29% are more comfortable going to a movie theatre, 25% to indoor gatherings such as weddings and conferences, and 23% feel more comfortable about going to either gyms or other recreational activities indoors. About one-in-five feel more comfortable going to live concerts (20%) and live sporting events (17%). In all, about two-thirds feel more comfortable doing at least one of these activities, while about a third (31%) indicate the vaccine cards don’t make a difference in their comfort level.

“The implementation of the vaccine card system has gone quite smoothly in British Columbia and in a very short period of time the majority has experienced the usage process without a hitch,” says Steve Mossop, President of Insights West. “What surprised us, however, was the relatively large number of people in BC who have experienced incidents where the public establishment didn’t properly ask for the BC Vaccine Card upon entry. Our poll also clearly shows that those businesses who don’t comply with the mandate are subject to the backlash of people who are in favour of the new rules.”

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About this Release:
Results are based on an online study conducted September 22 to 26, 2021 among a sample of 826 residents across BC. Respondents are part of Insights West’s Feedback Community, a panel of BC residents recruited from a variety of sources and backgrounds who share their views and opinions on an ongoing basis, and from other panels provided by partner providers. The margin of error with the total sample—which measures sample variability—is +/- 3.4 percentage points, 19 times out of 20. Discrepancies between totals are due to rounding. Click HERE to view the detailed data tabulations.

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