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Belief is high in substantial social and economic benefits of the games through job creation (83%), post-COVID-19 tourism boost (80%) and excitement (78%), but those who oppose believe cost will be too high (85%), money should be spend on other things (80%), and that COVID-19 should be the focus (48%).

Vancouver, BC — Following a Vancouver Board of Trade event where John Furlong presented the merits of an Olympic bid for the 2030 games, a new Insights West poll shows that public support for this initiative sits at a healthy 55%, but that level of support increases dramatically to 77% if the games could be held without requiring any public money.

Initial support for the idea of an Olympic bid for the 2030 Winter Games in British Columbia is supported by the majority of British Columbians, albeit only a slim majority (55%). Support is divided between the 24% who ‘strongly support’ the bid and a further 31% who ‘somewhat support’ the bid. Opposition is also split between those who ‘somewhat oppose’ (19%) versus ‘strongly oppose’ the bid (26%). Support is higher among females (60% vs. 50% of males), those 18-34 (64% vs. 53% of those 35-54 years and 51% of those 55 years +), and those in the City of Vancouver (60% vs. between 48% and 57% in other areas) compared to other groups.

When asked about their support or opposition for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the current level of support is similar—59% supported the games looking back to the time it was held. This is a similar sized group to the 55% who say that they follow the Winter Olympic Games in general either ‘very closely’ (11%), or ‘moderately closely’ (44%).

When the concept of the 2030 Winter Olympic bid is presented with the caveat that no public money would be used only private sector money, the level of support increases dramatically. Total support under this premise increases to 77%, split between those who ‘strongly support’ the bid (43%) and who ‘somewhat support’ the bid (34%), and opposition drops to 23% (‘somewhat oppose’ at 12%, and ‘strongly oppose’ at 10%).

Regardless of support or opposition to the games, most British Columbians believe that the games would bring significant economic and social benefits to the province in 2030. A large majority believe hosting the games would create valuable jobs (83%), provide a post-COVID-19 boost to tourism (80%), provide excitement about something to look forward to (78%), provide a boost to the economy (76%), and result in infrastructure that would be used for years to come (76%).

The major reason for any opposition to the 2030 Winter Olympic Bid is the same as it was for the 2010 Olympics: it interferes with other spending priorities. The vast majority (85%) of those who oppose a bid feel that the cost to taxpayers would be too high; a similar number believe the money should be spent on other things (80%). About half (48%) of those in opposition feel the bid effort is misplaced—that the focus should continue to be on the pandemic right now. A slightly smaller number (42%) believe that the infrastructure wouldn’t be used afterwards, and about half that number (23%) think that we already have enough tourism in our province.

“Support for the 2030 Winter Olympic Bid in British Columbia is highly contingent on the amount of public money that would need to go into support the bid process and host the games” says Steve Mossop, President of Insights West. “Early polling suggests that despite being in the middle of a pandemic, there is public support, and that British Columbians are aware of the social and economic benefits of hosting Olympic Games. Last time around, there was early initial public hesitation to supporting the games which increased dramatically though the years culminating in the Canadian men’s hockey gold medal game and record-breaking medal haul. BC residents have fond memories of the 2010 games, and I’m sure that is part of the reason public support is so high at this point.”

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Results are based on an online study conducted April 28 to 30, 2021 among a sample of 883 residents across British Columbia. Respondents are part of Insights West’s Feedback Community, a panel of BC residents recruited from a variety of sources and backgrounds who share their views and opinions on an ongoing basis, from other panels provided by partner providers. The margin of error with the total sample—which measures sample variability—is +/- 3.3 percentage points, 19 times out of 20. Discrepancies between totals are due to rounding. Click HERE to view the detailed data tabulations.

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