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Large majorities of residents consider Eagle Ridge their “community hospital” and support plans for expansion.

Vancouver, BC – Residents of British Columbia’s Tri-Cities show a high level of identification with their community hospital, and large support for its expansion plans a new Insights West survey has found.

The online survey of a representative sample of residents in the Tri-Cities area— conducted on behalf of the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation—finds that half of Tri-Cities residents (51%) have visited Eagle Ridge Hospital in the last year, including 28% who received assistance and care themselves.

In addition, 77% are “very familiar” or “somewhat familiar” with the hospital.  The overall rating for the hospital is particularly positive, with 13% of Tri-Cities residents giving it a score of 9 or 10 out of 10, and a further 52% rating it with a 7 or 8.

The level of identification from residents with the Eagle Ridge Hospital is also evident in the fact that 86% would support plans to expand the hospital (56% strongly), and 78% consider Eagle Ridge to be their “community hospital.”

Steve Mossop, President of Insights West says:  “We were pleasantly surprised at the strong level of identification and support that the hospital receives.  Relative to the 100+ other charities that we have brand health scores for, we found that Eagle Ridge hospital ranks in the top 10 charities overall for propensity to give”.

Across the Tri-Cities, although only 15% of residents have donated to the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation in the past, double the number (32%) indicate they are interested in donating in the future.  Also, half (51%) of Tri-Cities residents are interested in learning more about the Foundation.

“We’re delighted that Eagle Ridge Hospital ranks so highly in terms of community profile,” says Charlene Giovannetti-King, executive director of the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation. “At the same time, there’s also a big opportunity—over half the community—to engage with and raise funds, for the hospital.”


About Insights West:

Insights West is a progressive, Western-based, full-service marketing research company. It exists to serve the market with insights-driven research solutions and interpretive analysis through leading-edge tools, normative databases, and senior-level expertise across a broad range of public and private sector organizations. Insights West is based in Vancouver and Calgary and has ten full-time and five part-time employees.

About Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation:

The Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation opened its doors in 1982 (when it was incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia). Since 1999, it has raised more than $19 million dollars to support the needs of Eagle Ridge Hospital. The Foundation strives to provide hospital staff with the best medical equipment, programs and facilities, to better serve the Tri-Cities community. It also promotes the professional development of its hospital staff by awarding educational scholarships and research grants.

About this Release:

Results are based on two separate online surveys. The first survey was conducted from September 23 to September 28, 2013, among a representative sample of 409 Tri-Cities residents. The second survey was conducted from September 24 to October 14, 2013, among 222 members of the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation donor list.

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Mario Canseco
Vice President, Public Affairs, Insights West


Photograph: Greg Salter