Insights West Feedback Community Incentive Program

Membership in the Insights West Feedback Community involves invitations to participate in a mix of quantitative online surveys and qualitative research like focus groups, interviews or online bulletin boards. All participation is completely voluntary.

As of September 2020, Insights West is offering a points-based reward program to thank members for their valued time and insights. For every quantitative survey completed, members will be rewarded a pre-defined number of points. Points are equivalent to dollars and can be redeemed for gift cards when a certain threshold is met. Qualitative studies are not included in the points-based incentive program – there are individual rewards for each qualitative study participated in. On average, Insights West pays out over $150,000 each year in qualitative incentives.

Earning Points

Points are awarded to Insights West Feedback Community members based on survey length:

  • <10-minute survey = 50 points
  • 10-14-minute survey = 100 points
  • 15-19-minute survey = 150 points
  • 20+ minute survey = 250 points

The points awarded for each survey will be announced in the invitation email, as well as the total points value each community member holds.

If a member does not qualify to participate in a specific survey, they will be entered into a quarterly draw for one of four (4) prizes of $50, awarded as a virtual gift card. These prize draws will occur on December 1, March 1, June 1 and September 1 of each year.

New Community Members

New members to the Insights West Feedback Community will be automatically awarded with 100 points when signing up, equivalent to $1.00 CAD.

Points Value and Redeeming Points

100 points is the equivalent of $1.00 CAD in gift cards.

Insights West Feedback Community members can redeem their points when they reach a minimum of 3,000 points, which is the equivalent of $30 CAD.

In order to redeem points, community members are required to complete the “redemption form”, using the email address associated with their Insights West Feedback Community membership. Once the form has been submitted, members will receive an email within 14 days which will give them the ability to select a gift card of their choice. Your points redemption form can be found near the bottom of every survey distributed from Insights West using the “View or Redeem your points” link above the Terms and Conditions.

Gift Cards

Gift card provision is handled through Virtual Incentives, which offers a selection of virtual gift cards. The gift cards offered to Insights West Feedback Community members include Virtual VISA,, Tim Hortons, Apple Store, Uber Eats and Walmart. These gift card options are subject to change without notification.

When points are redeemed, the member’s email address will be shared with Virtual Incentives for the sole purpose of administering a gift card.


Survey invitations that involve recruiting to qualitative studies such as interviews, focus groups or online bulletin boards will not offer points. These types of studies typically offer a larger monetary incentive if a member is qualified, selected to participate and the qualitative exercise is completed.

Points expire after 12 months of consecutive inactivity with the Insights West Feedback Community and the total points balance will reset to 0. Being active is defined as participating in at least one quantitative survey or qualitative study in a 12-month period; this includes participating in the screening process for a study but not qualifying.

If a member unsubscribes from the Insights West Feedback Community, or if membership is terminated, the points account will be closed, and all points forfeited.

Community members are required to redeem their points within 12 months of achieving 3,000 points. If points are not redeemed within that period, the points account will re-set to 0.

Redeeming less than 3,000 points is not permitted.

Points cannot be transferred or combined with any other member or Insights West Feedback Community account.

Insights West Feedback Community members are responsible for ensuring that their account balance is accurate. Insights West is not liable for any errors or omissions concerning points.

Insights West reserves the right to suspend, terminate, revalue or modify this points program, without liability or advance notice to Insights West Feedback Community members. Insights West also reserves the right to change the points value structure or other incentives associated with this program at any time.

Completing the “redemption form” and redeeming your points you Agree to these Terms and Conditions.