Smartphone Insights – 2014

Since last year, smartphone ownership has grown to 68% (+4%) and usage has increased by 14% in British Columbia. Download a copy of this year’s Insights West & iamota Smartphone Report to see whether our related attitudes and behaviours have evolved alongside this captivating technology. Again, we welcome your questions on the findings detailed in… Read more »

Canadian Economic Insights – January 2019

Tracking economic confidence among Canadians and a focus on the attitudes of British Columbians, our Economic Insights Monitor reveals how consumers foresee 2019 unfolding in relation to the trajectory of the national economy and their personal finances. Highlights from this short report include: Perceptions of current economic conditions in Canada; Predictions on whether the Canadian economy will improve, remain… Read more »

Charitable Giving Insights – 2017

Insights West’s syndicated Charitable Giving Insights Study returns for 2017! Our third wave of this study surveyed 1,255 British Columbians to uncover attitudes towards overall charitable giving as well as perceptions on specific dimensions for the 50+ charities that we’ve tracked since 2012. We have partnered with Joanne Turner, one of BC’s prominent independent marketing… Read more »

Dream Employer – 2014

  Insights West, Miles Employment Group and the Vancouver Board of Trade partnered together for a second consecutive year to find out whom British Columbians consider to be the Dream Employers in the province and why. Insights West surveyed over 3,300 British Columbians to understand how current employers in the province measure up to what… Read more »

Climate Change Insights – 2019

Climate Change is a “hot” topic today, and Insights West has recently investigated Canadians’ opinions on the subject. Our 2019 Climate Change Insights Report provides various compelling insights into Canadian views on Climate Change. This study surveyed over 1,300 Canadians to uncover sentiment around: Beliefs and familiarity with climate change Perceived causes of climate change… Read more »

Super Bowl Ads: Are They Worth it?

Super Bowl. Arguably, it’s the single largest, and most impactful television event in the world every year. Equally sharing the limelight is the advertising associated with it. Last year, marketers spent $521M on 61 brands–often for a single $4.5M commercial that aired only once to 180 million people in North America!  Every year, news headlines… Read more »

Are all Travellers the Same?

  According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), tourism is the world’s 5th fastest growing industry, with one billion international travellers and $1.53 trillion in global revenues. Insights West was interested in learning more about Canadians’ travel behaviour and preferences. In particular, Insights West was curious about how the declining Canadian dollar is impacting Canadians’… Read more »

Social Media Insights – 2017

See what’s trending now in Canada’s social media landscape Our 2017 Canadian Social Media Insights Monitor provides high-level insights into relevant shifts in the social media landscape that you can directly apply to your marketing strategy. Download this FREE report. This year’s study uncovers fresh trends in: Social media platforms that are gaining momentum and… Read more »