BC Election Leadership Debate Delivers no Knockout Punches; Voter Intentions Still Point Towards Sizeable BC NDP Lead in Final Week of Campaign with 47% of Decided Vote, Ahead of BC Liberals (33%) and BC Greens (14%)

Although BC NDP’s John Horgan was considered by the most to have won the debate (28%), it was Furstenau who performed perhaps better than expected, with 48% considering she did a very good or good job, higher than Wilkinson (36%) and not far behind Horgan (53%) Vancouver, BC —Following the October 13, 2020 BC provincial… Read more »

Majority of BC Residents Disapprove of Horgan’s Snap Election Call, But Voter Intentions at this Early Stage in the Race Point Towards BC NDP Lead

58% of British Columbia residents oppose premier Horgan’s decision to call a snap election, but the BC NDP holds an early lead in the horse race (42% of decided voters), ahead of the BC Liberals (29%), BC Greens (16%) and the BC Conservative party (12%). Half (53%) of decided voters intend to cast a ballot… Read more »

Opioid Crisis Has Directly Impacted 31% of British Columbians; 81% Agree it has had Negative Impact on our Communities 

A larger number (37%) feels the opioid crisis has had a negative impact on their community compared to COVID-19 (25%). Vancouver, BC —As the ongoing opioid crisis in our Province gets worse during the COVID-19 pandemic, our latest poll shows that a significant minority of British Columbian residents and families have been directly impacted by… Read more »

A Significant Number of Workers Do Not Feel Safe Going Back to Work and Would Prefer to Continue to Work from Home

Only 20% feel very comfortable going back into the workplace, and if given a choice, only 31% would choose to go back to work now or in September; 19% would prefer to work from home ‘forever’. Biggest concern is catching COVID-19 from a co-worker or customer (78%). Vancouver, BC —As British Columbia completes Phase 2… Read more »

Support for Federal and Provincial COVID-19 Relief Programs is Extremely High, But There is Some Opposition to Contact Tracing Software

Support for government programs such as CERB (87% support), Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (87%), BC temporary rent supplement (85%), and the Canadian Commercial Rent Assistance (81%) are among the highest levels Insights West has ever recorded for any public initiative. BC residents are divided on the idea of contract tracing apps (44% support, 48% oppose)…. Read more »

BC Residents are Opposed to COVID-19 Surcharges But Expect Higher Prices as the Economy Opens Up

Most residents are opposed to surcharges overall (62% opposed) but are expecting higher inflation (75% think things will cost more overall) as the economy opens up. Vancouver, BC —As BC business struggle financially under the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic aftermath, most BC residents are opposed to the concept of special COVID-19 surcharges… Read more »

British Columbians Feel Financial Impact of COVID-19

Over two thirds (69%) of British Columbians have had their RRSPS/savings negatively impacted, and a large minority have seen a negative impact on their ability to pay household expenses (31%), put food on the table (21%), property values (34%), and their ability to pay their rent (41%) or mortgage (29%). Vancouver, BC —After two months… Read more »

British Columbians React to BC Government’s Plans to Relax COVID-19 Restrictions

BC Residents Show Strong Support for Premier Horgan’s Plan to Gradually Re-Open the Province (79%), but a Significant Number (41%) Think the Re-Opening is Too Fast The public is very supportive of resuming elective surgeries (91% timing is acceptable or should have been sooner), opening of provincial parks (78%), and are divided on re-opening of… Read more »