Mental Health in British Columbia Continues to Suffer Due to the Pandemic; Many BC Adults (43%) Rate Their Mental Health as ‘Fair’ ‘Poor’ or ‘Very Poor’

A significant number of BC residents are experiencing more worry (62%), stress (60%), anxiety (59%), and boredom (59%), compared to pre-pandemic levels, and those experiencing more loneliness has increased 10 percentage points since September (up to 53%) Vancouver, BC —A research study on mental health commissioned by Pacific Blue Cross and conducted by Insights West… Read more »

Most BC Residents (57%) Give Provincial Government Low Scores for Rollout of Vaccination Plan To Date; Significant Number (38%) Not Impressed With Priority List

Most (80%) will get the vaccine as soon as it’s available; many (69%) believe those with pre-existing conditions should be on the list of those with higher priority for the vaccine, and about half feel RCMP, firefighters, teachers, other healthcare workers and essential service workers should be prioritized before others currently on the list. Vancouver,… Read more »

The Majority of BC Residents (66%) are Coping Well With the Pandemic And The Most Positive Outcomes of COVID-19 Are Appreciation for Friends and Family, Gratitude, and a Focus On What Is Most Important in Life

The things we miss most from our pre-pandemic life is seeing family and friends, eating at restaurants, and travel. Vancouver, BC —As 2020 draws to a close and most of us reflect on the difficulties many have experienced since the pandemic began, our final poll of the year shows that most British Columbians have handled… Read more »

Holiday Shopping Plans Hampered By 2nd Wave of the Pandemic: 42% of BC Shoppers Plan to Spend Less This Year, But Shoppers are Consciously Deciding to Help Local Businesses More Than Ever Before

61% plan to do more online shopping this year, and about one third plan to spend more with Canadian, BC and neighbourhood businesses Vancouver, BC —As the 2nd wave of the pandemic strengthens, early indications are that holiday spending will be dramatically altered this season, as a significant number of BC residents believe they will… Read more »

Over Two Months Into the School Year, Parents Provide Top Scores To the School System But Remain Divided On Preferences for In-Person vs. Remote Learning

Currently the province receives good job scores between 62% and 69% for communication, cleaning protocols, mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines in schools. Only 45% of parents prefer having their children in the classroom full-time, 32% would rather a mix of online and in-person, and 19% want remote online learning only. Vancouver, BC —A little more… Read more »

BC Residents Strongly Supportive of Existing and Further Restrictions in the Province to Combat the Spread of COVID-19, but Divided On Government Financial Support for Certain Industries

87% support the ‘household plus safe six’ plan, and 85% are in favour of making mask-wearing indoors mandatory throughout the province. Fewer (61%) support a return to Phase 1-style lockdown if things get worse. Small retailers should be at the top of the list for further financial support from our provincial government (53% believe more… Read more »

BC Election Leadership Debate Delivers no Knockout Punches; Voter Intentions Still Point Towards Sizeable BC NDP Lead in Final Week of Campaign with 47% of Decided Vote, Ahead of BC Liberals (33%) and BC Greens (14%)

Although BC NDP’s John Horgan was considered by the most to have won the debate (28%), it was Furstenau who performed perhaps better than expected, with 48% considering she did a very good or good job, higher than Wilkinson (36%) and not far behind Horgan (53%) Vancouver, BC —Following the October 13, 2020 BC provincial… Read more »

Majority of BC Residents Disapprove of Horgan’s Snap Election Call, But Voter Intentions at this Early Stage in the Race Point Towards BC NDP Lead

58% of British Columbia residents oppose premier Horgan’s decision to call a snap election, but the BC NDP holds an early lead in the horse race (42% of decided voters), ahead of the BC Liberals (29%), BC Greens (16%) and the BC Conservative party (12%). Half (53%) of decided voters intend to cast a ballot… Read more »

Opioid Crisis Has Directly Impacted 31% of British Columbians; 81% Agree it has had Negative Impact on our Communities 

A larger number (37%) feels the opioid crisis has had a negative impact on their community compared to COVID-19 (25%). Vancouver, BC —As the ongoing opioid crisis in our Province gets worse during the COVID-19 pandemic, our latest poll shows that a significant minority of British Columbian residents and families have been directly impacted by… Read more »