One in three Canadians lack proper knowledge on where to safely dispose of unused or unwanted medications and sharps

Accidental drug poisoning and overdose have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic; it’s never been more important to participate in take back programs TORONTO — Today, the Health Products Stewardship Association (HPSA) – a national not-for-profit that operates return programs for unused or unwanted medications and sharps across British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba and Prince Edward Island… Read more »

Brands Find it Hard to Get in on the Social Media Conversation

Canadians spend most of their social media time (82%) being social—connecting with friends and acquaintances—and only 18% of it engaging with companies and brands. Vancouver, BC – Insights West released today its 2016 Canadian Social Media Monitor, which tracks key trends in Canada’s social media landscape. Facebook is Still the Preferred Social Media Platform for… Read more »

BC Residents Are Extremely Concerned (86%) About Declining Salmon Stocks As Well As Climate Change (76%) and Single Use Plastics (75%), and Most British Columbians (75%) Believe That Open-Net Salmon Pens Need to Be Transitioned to Land-Based Pens

BC residents attribute declining salmon stocks to open-net pens, stream habitat destruction, ocean contamination, overfishing, and climate change. Vancouver, BC — A new poll from Insights West, The Pacific Salmon Foundation, and Wild First shows that the decline of the wild salmon stocks is one of the most pressing environmental concerns in British Columbia, as most… Read more »

Despite Negative Perceptions of the Canadian National Economy, the Majority of Canadians Have a Positive Outlook on Their Own Personal Finances

61% think Canadian economic conditions are poor or very poor, but 66% have good or very good personal finances, and 53% have not experienced any negative financial impacts due to the pandemic. Vancouver, BC —Despite perceptions of a very negative economic environment in Canada due to COVID-19, the majority of Canadians are feeling pretty good… Read more »

Many Canadians Planning to Bend COVID-19 Rules Around Spring Break And Feel Justified In Doing So Because of Pandemic Fatigue

BC Residents Less Likely To Be Following COVID-19 Restrictions than Other Provinces Vancouver, BC —With spring break only a few weeks away, a significant number of Canadians are planning at least some activities on spring break that run counter to the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines set by their province. When looking at underlying motivators for… Read more »

Wide Support for New Physician-Assisted Suicide Law in Canada

Only 11% of Canadians think physician-assisted suicide should not be allowed under any circumstances. Vancouver, BC – Most Canadians are in favour of enacting physician-assisted suicide legislation that matches this year’s Supreme Court ruling, a new Canada-wide Insights West poll has found. In the online survey of a representative national sample, four-in-five Canadians (79%) either… Read more »

Users and Non-Users Across Canada Support Marijuana Legalization

More than half of those who have never tried cannabis are in favour of legalization, and regard it as a good revenue generator for governments. Vancouver, BC – Most Canadians believe it is time to legalize marijuana, including many who have never actually used it, a new Canada-wide Insights West poll has found. In the… Read more »

Canadians Want Alternative Medicine as Part of Health Care System

Three-in-four Canadians believe the federal government should not approve homeopathic claims unless they are supported by scientific evidence. Vancouver, BC – Most Canadians have tried alternative medicine, and a majority would like to see the health care system funding these remedies for people who want to try them, a new Canada-wide Insights West poll has… Read more »

Canadian Retirees Ill-Prepared for Retirement According to New Nation-Wide Survey

65% Say Working with a Financial Advisor Helped Them Achieve Their Retirement Goals VANCOUVER, BC – Insights West, a leading Canadian market research firm, and Credential Financial, a national wealth management firm for credit unions and independent financial institutions, today released results from a recently conducted survey on retirement planning that showed many working Canadians… Read more »

Canadians Divided on Changing the Federal Electoral System

A plurality supports a move to Party-List Proportional Representation, while the Single Transferable Vote system evenly splits the population. Vancouver, BC – As the federal electoral campaign continues, Canadians hold differing views on whether to change the way the members of the House of Commons are elected, a new Insights West Canada-wide poll has found…. Read more »