Two Thirds of Canadians Support Distracted Walking Legislation

While nine-in-ten Canadians agree with distracted driving laws, only 51% say they have been effective. Vancouver, BC – Canadians are decidedly supportive of the legislation that bans drivers from using hand-held devices in every province, and a majority believe the time has come to implement distracted walking legislation in their municipality, a new Canada-wide Insights… Read more »

Metro Vancouver’s management class could be leaving in droves

A large percentage of Metro Vancouver homeowners are considering cashing out their real estate gains and moving to more affordable markets—both in the Lower Mainland and elsewhere. These and other sentiments are captured in Resonance Consultancy’s new Future of B.C. Housing study, just as British Columbians have identified housing as the top provincial election issue… Read more »

Weak Loonie, Economy Are Affecting Travel Plans Among Canadian Travellers

Only 18% of Canadian leisure travellers say their trips will not be impacted at all by the state of the national currency. Calgary, AB – Four-in-five Canadian travellers feel the weakness of the national currency is a reason to rethink their travel plans for the next 12 months, a new Canada-wide Insights West poll has… Read more »

Bryan Adams is Most Beloved Musician for British Columbians

More than half of residents say they dislike Justin Bieber, and more than a quarter dislike Nickelback. Vancouver, BC – When it comes to rock and pop music, the taste of British Columbians is decidedly eclectic and includes relative newcomers to the scene as well as legendary Canadian acts, a new Insights West poll has… Read more »

Nine-in-Ten Albertans Say Economic Conditions Are Poor

A majority of residents say they will spend less on entertainment, dining out and clothing over the next six months. Calgary, AB – Albertans are decidedly concerned about the state of the provincial economy and most are planning to cut back on expenditures, our latest Economic Insights Tracker has found. In the online survey of… Read more »

Ethnicity Helps Define British Columbia’s Moral Compass

East Asian residents disagree with legalizing marijuana, while South Asians are the least likely to agree with abortion and gambling. Vancouver, BC – Ethnicity is one of the major drivers of moral positions in British Columbia, a new Insights West poll has found. The online survey of a representative provincial sample asked British Columbians about… Read more »

Alberta’s Marijuana Framework Gets Positive Reviews from Residents

Support for legalizing cannabis increased in the province, but there is little appetite to make other drugs available. Calgary, AB – Many Albertans are satisfied with the marijuana-related policies recently introduced by the provincial government, a new Insights West poll has found. In the online survey of a representative provincial sample, 88% of Albertans agree… Read more »

Lack of Sitter Kept Dog Owners in British Columbia At Home

More than half of dog owners say there are days when they love their pet more than their spouse, partner or significant other. Vancouver, BC – More than half of British Columbia’s dog owners have chosen not to attend a party or gathering because they lacked a sitter for their pet, a new Insights West… Read more »

Young Canadians Embrace Streaming, Abandon Live TV

Canadians with cable television are upset at paying for channels they do not watch, and a majority would consider getting a “skinny basic” package. Vancouver, BC – The way in which Canadians are watching television is changing, with Millennials leading the way in the adoption of streamed content, a new Canada-wide Insights West poll has… Read more »

Trump Continues to Worry Canadians As U.S. Election Nears

Half of Canadians appear satisfied with the amount of coverage of the American election in domestic media outlets. Vancouver, BC – The selection of real estate developer Donald Trump as the presidential nominee of the Republican Party in the United States has not affected the overly negative views of Canadians towards his candidacy, a new… Read more »