Vast Majority (85%) of British Columbians Want Action for Old-Growth Forests; Only 16% Think NDP Has Followed Through on Promises

78% concerned about logging of old-growth forests in BC; 74% support doubling protection of provincial lands; 66% are against using whole trees to make wood pellets Vancouver, BC — Sierra Club BC and Insights West partnered to examine public perceptions of several key forestry practices in British Columbia and found the vast majority of BC… Read more »

Slight Majority (55%) of British Columbians Support Olympic Bid for 2030 Winter Games; Support Skyrockets to 77% if No Public Funds Needed

Belief is high in substantial social and economic benefits of the games through job creation (83%), post-COVID-19 tourism boost (80%) and excitement (78%), but those who oppose believe cost will be too high (85%), money should be spend on other things (80%), and that COVID-19 should be the focus (48%). Vancouver, BC — Following a… Read more »

Significant Minority of Canadians Believe COVID-19 Misinformation, Rivalling Long-Established Conspiracy Theories

37% of Canadians believe COVID-19 was created in a lab and released by mistake, 31% that COVID-19 was created as a biological weapon in a lab, 15% that big pharma helped spread the virus, 9% that the vaccine includes a chip that will track people and 6% there is a link between COVID-19 and 5G…. Read more »

Nationwide Poll Shows in Addition to Those Vaccinated (16%), Only 43% of Canadians are 100% Certain to Get Vaccine

There are widely held misconceptions and uncertainties around the COVID-19 vaccine; many are concerned about the short (50%) and long-term side effects (56%), or that vaccine development was too rushed (49%). A notable minority (25%) think the vaccine will not be effective, that COVID-19 is not a serious disease (18%), or don’t trust any vaccines… Read more »

Survey of Asian British Columbians Shows Anti-Asian Racism is Believed to be Significant Problem (83%) That Has Gotten Worse (87%) Since Start Of Pandemic

A shocking number (43%) of Asian British Columbians have experienced racist actions towards them this past year; this includes indirect (26%) and direct (23%) racial slurs, social media slurs (16%), work/school discrimination (10%), property damage (6%) and assault (5%). Vancouver, BC — Given the recent rise in anti-Asian racism that has been reported on in… Read more »

BC Residents Largely Supportive of Rent Freeze, But Policy May be Limiting Supply of Rental Housing

British Columbians agree the continued rent freeze is needed to help renter’s financial woes created by the pandemic (77%), but many also agree that landlords shouldn’t have to bear all the cost (63%). Vancouver, BC —Following the announcement last week by the BC NPD government of a proposed extension of rent controls until the end… Read more »

New Gun Control Laws Proposed by Federal Liberals Receives Support of The Majority in BC (65%) and Alberta (63%), But Fewer (41%) Think It Will Be Effective in Reducing Gun Violence

81% are aware of the new legislation, and gun owners (16% of our sample) are more likely to oppose this initiative (58%) Vancouver, BC —Following the announcement last week by the federal Liberal Party about new gun control legislation and gun buyback program, a new Insights West poll has found that the majority of Western… Read more »

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Fifty-five per cent of employees in BC would seriously consider leaving their job if a better one came along, according to BC HRMA and Insights West. Vancouver, BC — More than half (55%) of all BC employees are susceptible to leaving their current jobs – and pay is not necessarily at the heart of the… Read more »

Despite Negative Perceptions of the Canadian National Economy, the Majority of Canadians Have a Positive Outlook on Their Own Personal Finances

61% think Canadian economic conditions are poor or very poor, but 66% have good or very good personal finances, and 53% have not experienced any negative financial impacts due to the pandemic. Vancouver, BC —Despite perceptions of a very negative economic environment in Canada due to COVID-19, the majority of Canadians are feeling pretty good… Read more »

Many Canadians Planning to Bend COVID-19 Rules Around Spring Break And Feel Justified In Doing So Because of Pandemic Fatigue

BC Residents Less Likely To Be Following COVID-19 Restrictions than Other Provinces Vancouver, BC —With spring break only a few weeks away, a significant number of Canadians are planning at least some activities on spring break that run counter to the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines set by their province. When looking at underlying motivators for… Read more »