Brands Find it Hard to Get in on the Social Media Conversation

Canadians spend most of their social media time (82%) being social—connecting with friends and acquaintances—and only 18% of it engaging with companies and brands. Vancouver, BC – Insights West released today its 2016 Canadian Social Media Monitor, which tracks key trends in Canada’s social media landscape. Facebook is Still the Preferred Social Media Platform for… Read more »

Voter Sentiment Narrows as Liberals Solidify Third Place Position in BC with 22% of Decided Voters, While Conservatives (34%) and NDP (33%) Remain in Statistical Tie

49% of BC residents watched some (28%) or all (22%) of the leaders’ English language debate last week; 28% of those who watched say it had an impact on voting intention. Vancouver, BC — With only days left until the 2021 federal election in Canada, the governing Liberals appear to be headed for defeat in British… Read more »

Voter Support for Federal Liberals Only 19% of Decided Voters in BC, and Majority (69%) Agree It’s Time for Change in Government

If a federal election were held tomorrow, the NDP would lead with 35% of decided voters in BC, 33% would vote Conservative, and only 19% support the Liberal party (8% Greens and 5% other parties) Vancouver, BC — With less than two weeks left in the federal election race, Liberal support in BC has dropped due… Read more »

Many Unvaccinated BC Residents Who Are Strongly Opposed to Vaccine Card System Believe it is Illegal and Against Charter of Rights (35%), and They Have Right to Choose (29%)

Fully 99% of this group indicate the new vaccine card system will not change their mind about getting vaccinated; the number one reasons for not getting vaccinated is the ‘right to choose for my body’ (25%), concerns about long-term side effects (19%), and it is illegal/against the Canadian Constitution (15%) Vancouver, BC — As the province… Read more »

The Vast Majority (79%), Of BC Residents Support The Idea Of Proof Of Double-Vaccinations In Order To Participate In Many Public Activities In BC, And Even More (over 8-in-10) Support Mandatory Vaccinations For Certain Professions

Vancouver, BC — As the concept of vaccine passports and proof of vaccinations gathers momentum across the country, our latest Insights West poll shows the majority of BC residents are in favour of the implementation of rules requiring adults to show proof of double vaccinations in the province in order to participate in different public activities,… Read more »

Many Of BC Homeowners Contemplating Selling their Homes to Take Advantage of Lower Housing Costs Elsewhere

Nearly three-quarters believe house prices (73%) and interest rates (82%) will rise in the next two years, and 17% of homeowners are thinking of selling in the next two years and 29% within five years to downsize, cash out, or move to a cheaper location Vancouver, BC — Our latest Insights West Poll shows that many… Read more »

Significant Number of BC Workers Who Worked from Home During COVID-19 Want to Continue (91%); 21% Likely to Quit if Post-Pandemic Work From Home Options Not Offered

60% of BC workers worked from home during COVID-19 and 84% expect they will continue some form of work from home arrangements post-pandemic Vancouver, BC — As pandemic restrictions lessen in British Columbia and September work life approaches, a new Insights West survey shows dramatic changes are coming to the workplace and employment in the months… Read more »

Approval Levels for Dr. Bonnie Henry Remain Sky-High, but Cracks Showing for John Horgan as Perception of Performance Overall and on Housing, Crime and Opioid Crisis Deteriorates

The NDP and John Horgan’s overall approval rating dips to 50% as public sentiment towards the handling of crime and public safety (27%), housing prices (12%), and the opioid crisis (17%) drops dramatically; still, 42% of decided voters would vote NDP compared to 31% for the BC Liberals, and 19% for the BC Greens Vancouver,… Read more »

Vast Majority (86%) of British Columbians Following Residential School Story Closely and 85% Have Participated in Activities that Further Reconciliation

94% support public funding to provide clean drinking water to Indigenous peoples, 86% support the idea of an official apology from the Pope, and 83% support the federal government providing funding for surveying the grounds of all former residential schools Vancouver, BC — In the aftermath of the discovery of the remains of 215 children… Read more »

Vaccination Hesitancy Drops Dramatically as British Columbia Reaches 75% Vaccination Rate and Most Highly Satisfied With Vaccination Experience

Of those not vaccinated, 15% will likely get the vaccine, 8% are unlikely and 2% are unsure; 92% of adult British Columbians who have received the vaccine are satisfied with the overall vaccination experience Vancouver, BC — In stark contrast to only eight short weeks ago, COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy has since plummeted as the majority… Read more »