Survey: Neighbourhood Speeding & Bad Driving During Pandemic Puts Playing Kids at Risk

BCAA offers free “Slow Down Kids Playing” signs to encourage careful driving as kids play away from playgrounds Burnaby, BC —With many schools, parks and playgrounds closed or restricted over the last while due to COVID-19, a new BCAA survey reveals increased traffic and poor driving behaviours are putting kids playing outside at risk. The… Read more »

British Columbians Feel Financial Impact of COVID-19

Over two thirds (69%) of British Columbians have had their RRSPS/savings negatively impacted, and a large minority have seen a negative impact on their ability to pay household expenses (31%), put food on the table (21%), property values (34%), and their ability to pay their rent (41%) or mortgage (29%). Vancouver, BC —After two months… Read more »

British Columbians React to BC Government’s Plans to Relax COVID-19 Restrictions

BC Residents Show Strong Support for Premier Horgan’s Plan to Gradually Re-Open the Province (79%), but a Significant Number (41%) Think the Re-Opening is Too Fast The public is very supportive of resuming elective surgeries (91% timing is acceptable or should have been sooner), opening of provincial parks (78%), and are divided on re-opening of… Read more »

BC Residents Score Themselves Favourably on Social Distancing, But Daily Habits Changed Significantly

BC Residents Score Themselves Highly (89% rate themselves an 8,9 or 10/10) on Social Distancing, but are Critical of British Columbians as a Whole (35%), and are Especially Critical of Younger Residents (13%) Social distancing has had a dramatic effect on individual behaviour, as 58% of us are spending less money than usual, and we… Read more »

COVID-19 has devastating impact on BC small business owners

Small Business Owners Devastated by COVID 19 Crisis as 31% Aren’t Sure their Business will Survive the Pandemic, and 9% Believe they will Close Permanently 65% of small business owners are ‘very worried’ about the negative financial impact overall—and specifically revenue (66%), financing (41%), ability to pay salaries (43%) and difficulty paying their rent/lease (38%)… Read more »

Concerns about COVID19 have spiked significantly, but relief may be in sight as British Columbians turn to their leaders.

Despite the Massive Negative Financial Effect that COVID-19 Has Had on About One-half of BC residents, Our Canadian Political Leaders Receive Top Marks for the Job They Are Doing in this Crisis 17% of BC residents have lost their job, 30% have had reduced hours, 54% are concerned about household expenses, and 49% are concerned… Read more »

Concerns about COVID19 have spiked significantly as 55% of BC residents are concerned about COVID19, and 50% believe it will have a major negative effect on the Canadian economy

Alarming is the finding that 31% (over 1M) of adult BC residents have been ill in the past several weeks, and 20% of them are worried about having COVID19 themselves and a significant number are changing their day-to-day behaviours as a result   Vancouver, BC — As COVID19 continues to spread, British Columbia residents are watching… Read more »

Less than half (47%) of BC residents are concerned about the coronavirus, and even fewer (42%) are worried about it impacting them personally

However, the vast majority (90%) are concerned about the negative impact on the global economy, the Canadian economy (76%) and the worldwide travel industry (95%) Vancouver, BC — As the coronavirus gets upgraded to a global health emergency and teeters on the verge of becoming a worldwide pandemic, British Columbia residents are watching developments closely, and… Read more »

Alberta and BC Ready for Sochi, Look Back at Hosting Duties with Pride

Large majorities of residents in the two provinces are concerned over the safety of Olympic athletes in Sochi. Vancouver, BC – Most Albertans and British Columbians are looking forward to next month’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, a new two-province poll by Insights West has found. In the online survey of representative provincial samples, majorities of… Read more »