Insights West Survey: Nearly Two-Thirds of Owner Direct Customers from BC and AB Plan to Spend the Same or More on Travel Next Year

Vacation rental properties are the first choice for accommodation booking, twice as much compared to those that plan to book a hotel/motel/resort. Vancouver, BC – A new survey conducted in partnership with Owner Direct customers and Insights West shows that despite current restrictions on travel, this group intends to spend more than usual on travel… Read more »

Brands Find it Hard to Get in on the Social Media Conversation

Canadians spend most of their social media time (82%) being social—connecting with friends and acquaintances—and only 18% of it engaging with companies and brands. Vancouver, BC – Insights West released today its 2016 Canadian Social Media Monitor, which tracks key trends in Canada’s social media landscape. Facebook is Still the Preferred Social Media Platform for… Read more »

Your Insights on Employee Satisfaction in Alberta

Over half (54%) of employees would leave their current job for the right opportunity, despite the fact that many give their employer decent ratings (average rating of 7.2 on a 10-point scale). Calgary, AB – A recent online poll of 522 working adults in Alberta (those who are employed full or part time, not self-employed)… Read more »

Alberta and BC Ready for Sochi, Look Back at Hosting Duties with Pride

Large majorities of residents in the two provinces are concerned over the safety of Olympic athletes in Sochi. Vancouver, BC – Most Albertans and British Columbians are looking forward to next month’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, a new two-province poll by Insights West has found. In the online survey of representative provincial samples, majorities of… Read more »

Opposition Wildrose Party Riding High in Alberta

Danielle Smith holds an impressive approval rating, as questions on health care and accountability continue to plague the provincial government. Calgary, AB – The Wildrose Party holds an overwhelming lead in Alberta, as many voters are abandoning the governing Progressive Conservatives, a new Insights West poll has found. The online survey of a representative sample… Read more »

United Conservative Party Ahead of Rivals in Alberta’s Political Scene

Over the past year, the provincial government has improved its standing on issues, particularly crime and public safety. Calgary, AB – The United Conservative Party (UCP) is currently the most popular option for voters in Alberta, the Insights West “Alberta Government Report Card” has found. The online survey of a representative sample of Albertans also… Read more »

Your Insights on Social Media in Alberta

Despite speculation of Facebook’s demise, the social media website still has mass appeal. Three-quarters (75%) of Albertan adults use Facebook, with more than half (56%) visiting the site at least once per week and 39% using it every day. Calgary, Alberta – A recent Insights West and 6S Marketing online poll surveyed 831 Albertan adults… Read more »

Albertans Are Highly Concerned About Cyber-Bullying

23% of Parents of Teens say their Teen Has Been Cyber-Bullied. 11% of Adults Say They Themselves Have Been Victims of Cyber-Bullying. Calgary, AB —  According to a recent Insights West and 6S Marketing poll of 458 online Albertan adults, more than half (56%) are “very concerned” about cyber-bullying in society overall, while a further… Read more »

Six-in-Ten Albertans Support Dedicated Bike Lanes

A majority of residents (56%) favour the implementation of a bicycle sharing system similar to the ones in London, Paris, New York, and Montreal. Calgary, AB – In late April, Calgary’s City Council voted in favour of building a dedicated network of cycle only lanes as a one-year pilot project set to begin in the… Read more »

City Governments Regarded Positively in Calgary and Edmonton

Calgarians are more concerned about transportation, while economic development is the main worry for Edmontonians. Calgary, AB – As voters in Alberta prepare to cast their ballots in municipal elections, the mayors of Calgary and Edmonton hold extraordinary approval ratings, a new Insights West poll has found. The online survey of representative samples also shows… Read more »