As Vice President of Insights West’s Public Affairs division, Mario Canseco is responsible for designing and managing research projects for clients in the public sector, non-profit organizations and associations, and for education clients. He is also our spokesperson on public affairs issues.

Mario’s expertise covers the full range of communications and branding research, and he has a unique ability to combine know-how in these areas to not only design incisive research but to also constantly keep in view how clients can apply the results, thus taking the insights a step further.

But to a certain extent, Mario’s career path is also a testament to his passion for public affairs research.  For ten years he was public affairs VP for Angus Reid Public Opinion/ Vision Critical, managing research teams in multiple regions of the country and acting as spokesperson for hundreds of publicly released studies. Before that he was involved in public affairs one way or another: as an editorial researcher for Peter C. Newman’s books “The Secret Mulroney Tapes” and “Here Be Dragons”; as a research & communications specialist for the Liu Institute for Global Issues at UBC; and in various journalistic roles in Canada, Mexico and Spain. With a BA in Communication from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, and a Masters in Journalism from UBC, Mario has accreditation as well as experience!