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PR Image - Metro Vancouver Municipalities by Ruth Hartnup

Tri-Cities, Burnaby Get Highest Ratings in Metro Vancouver

October 23, 2014

Departing Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts is the most popular head of government.

Vancouver, BC – Departing Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts holds the best approval rating across Metro Vancouver, while the... More

PR Image - Discrimination by David Sim

Nearly All Chinese and South Asian British Columbians Have Faced Discrimination

October 16, 2014

While most have experienced a “moderate” or “small” amount of discrimination, only 16% say they have never encountered it.

Vancouver, BC – In a groundbreaking survey of 658 Chinese and... More

PR Image - Surrey Election by Waferboard

McCallum Ahead of Rivals in Surrey Mayoral Campaign

October 14, 2014

Crime remains the most important issue for residents, but there is a large proportion of undecided and unengaged voters.

Vancouver, BC – Safe Surrey Coalition mayoral candidate Doug McCallum holds... More

Our Approach

Researchers with passion

The most senior team in Western Canada; our commitment, integrity and passion to market research ensures we provide the best in client service.

True to our values

Inspired by our people, our innovation and drive to succeed ensures our clients get the best market research in Western Canada.

Western Canadian panel

On track to have the largest panel in Western Canada, our panel is fresh, engaged and mobile-enabled.

Our Tools

We always strive to better meet the needs of our clients; one of the ways we do that is through innovative tools with a fresh approach. Some of our newer research tools:

Brand Digital Insights

Brings brand reputation, ad tracking and digital interactions together and allows organizations to assess both performance and interplay on these critical dimensions relative to competitors and a growing normative database of relevant brands.


Creative Test Insights

Provides organizations the ability to test creative (whether it be digital, print, TV or a concept) and get quantitative feedback against normative benchmarks in a fast, flexible, affordable way.

Sell Sheet Image - Creative Test Insights3

Employee Satisfaction Insights

Straightforward approach to accurately measuring employee satisfaction (relative to normative benchmarks) and understanding what is helping or hurting an organization’s ability to keep staff.


Video Insights

Video taken by panel members can add a deeper understanding and context to other research, bringing results to life.


Alumni Engagement Insights

Allows post-secondary institutions to measure alumni engagement scores against normative benchmarks and learn where to strategically focus their efforts for the most impact.


Charitable Giving Insights

A syndicated study that assesses key behaviours and attitudes among the general BC public such as awareness of charities, past donation behaviour, propensity to donate to charities in the future, and attitudes toward charitable giving.

Charitable Giving Photo

Multicultural Panel

The Your Insights Multicultural Panel provides faster & more affordable insights into the opinions & perspectives of the Chinese & South Asian populations in Metro Vancouver.
BC is well known...

Asian woman stretching

Recent Blog Posts

Blog Image - ADHD by amenclinicsphotos ac

Stigma of ADHD still an Issue for Many

October 10, 2014

Survey suggests many, especially men and older people, would not discuss an ADHD diagnosis with their employer.


We tend to think of hyperactivity as something that affects just... More

Blog Image - Renovations by Mikhail Golub

Home Owners Want new Kitchens, Bathrooms as Renovations Boom

July 10, 2014

A New Kitchen is Top of the List for a Third of Home Owners in B.C.


Summer is usually a great time to launch home renovation projects. The... More